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some people don’t understand how I can still function with everything that’s happened to my family this year, with the workload I put on my self, with having a job, being involved, having a long distance relationship, and still maintaining straight A’s. They just don’t see that the only reason I haven’t collapsed to the ground is because of the momentum I have from keeping myself busy and overly stressed…

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So… my car was broken… it had a hole in the muffler so I had my dad take it in when I got home from college. But when he took it in, they told us that the sway bars are cracked and that the vacuum hose has a leak. And I pay for all repairs to my car, and that’s a shit ton of money for a 1999 oldmobile intrigue.

On another note, my sister is looking to buy a new car for herself and wants to trade in one of the 4 family cars to help pay for it.

On another other not, my dad’s car is broken, and he won’t get it fixed because he’s doesn’t want to pay the $200 to fix it. So he took over using my sister’s current car that she pays everything for. (One of the reasons my sister wants to get her own car is because since my parents technically own hers, even though she pays for everything, they will randomly use it without forewarning her or caring about what she says). 

So my dad took my car in and my sister and I had decided since my car would need more work I would pay for my dads to get fixed and I’d take hers and she could turn mine when she gets her car. 

But no. Our parents don’t talk to us before making decisions. So my mom got home and my sister and I told her our plan and she said “Oh, he already got the muffler fixed.” And I asked how much it was and she said it was $100. And then I found out that my dad is going to get something else in it fixed that will cost at least $250 dollars. So I’ll be paying $350 dollars for my car. Which is less than I’d pay to get my dads car fixed. 

And my family has agreed to let me take my sister’s car (my sister included) so I won’t even be driving this car for the foreseeable future.

I hate my family’s inability to communicate…

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So… I have a few friends, a good group of friends, and I’ve noticed that I need them for different reasons, and that they have different places in my life. So here they are J

That one crazy person who I have always known and loved but is the biggest pain in the butt, the one that I can talk to about anything, and knows me really well, but is also selfish and wishy washy, but we have a lot of fun together and can just enjoy each other’s’ company  - Julie

The sweet on the outside, crazy on the inside person who just is nice to be around, the comforting one, the silly one, the one who makes you feel better, but also the one I’m afraid to disappoint – Christina

The baby, the independent one who is mature beyond her years but hesitant and reserved, but is the most understanding; the one that is not comforting, but is dependable and will always be there for me – Anna

The one that I can’t really be with alone because conversation doesn’t flow, but is a great person to have in a group and speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to be herself; she’s caring and helpful and always brightens my mood – Janaye

The odd one out, the one that we try to get a hold of but is hard to reach, but is nice and sweet and funny when we can get ahold of her – Michelle

The driven one, the one who’s smart and talented but serious, she’s too much like me for us to be best friends, but we’re good friends, and we understand each other – Lauren

The different one, the silly, goofy, boisterous one who is sometimes insecure but is always there and is always comforting, she can make me forget my troubles and make me feel better, and we can have a lot of fun together – Katia

The boy, the sex-driven awkward boy who is somehow very comforting but I always worry is attracted to me, even though he has a steady girlfriend, but he’s my best guy friend, and really my only one – Kevin

The boyfriend, the Love of my life, my biggest comfort, the one that I wish I could always be around even though he’s so far away most of the year, he understands me and I understand him – Elliot

The proximity friend, the one who I made because we were forced together by fate, but she is one of my best friends, and my best one where I am most of my year, we have similar personalities but varying interests, so sometimes I wonder why we’re friends, but we never falter – Hannah

My bubbly friend, who although I room with her, I don’t see her enough, we’re very different but we’re compatible, close, and we work - Jill